Store/Shop Signage


You have a new shop coming along? There are several signage types we recommend.

Acrylic Built-Up (LED Front-light/Back-light)

This is most commonly used for signage. Acrylic letters are the most versatile signage type which we normally recommend for restaurants and shops. We have a wide variety of acrylic colors and aluminum composite panels (ACPs, the panel that serves as background or board for the letters) that clients can choose from.

Acrylic Light Boxes and Panaflex Signage

Light boxes and panaflex are also great types of inexpensive signage that do the trick. It's simple, but eye-catching as well. 

Built-Up Metal Letters (Painted)

If you want more control over the color and letter finish, we can customize the paint for you and use steel metal to form your signage. If you don't need lights for your signage, we would recommend this. 

Custom Metal Signs (LED Back-light)

If you're going for a more premium and edgy look, you can experiment with stainless steel metal signs. Gold, silver, rose gold, glossy mirror surfaced, you can freely choose the metal finish you want. 

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