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Slow Transition Back Into Offices & Shops Means You Need Even More Protection from COVID-19

2020 was a rough year for all of us, and the pandemic doesn't seem to be getting any better. Last January 2021, a new strain of the COVID virus was found in the UK and there's every reason to suspect that it has landed in the Philippines as well. Again, in issues like these, it's not the probability that we're worried about but the CONSEQUENCES of the probability. 

As we prepare ourselves to return back to the normal, it wouldn't hurt to ensure that proper protective equipment and barriers are set in place. 

Acrylic Sneeze/Spit Guards to Shield You From the Virus

Apart from enforcing proper social distancing, it is best that we place multiple barriers at highly vulnerable contact points. As we dine and transact with other people, it's difficult to tell what might happen, so to stay on the side of caution, we highly recommend that offices and restaurants install acrylic shields for added protection. 

How Overture Can Help

We pride ourselves in the manufacturing of quality and long-lasting signage. Aside from being able to help craft durable and beautiful signs at top speed, we have a team of experts and professionals whom you can consult with when it comes to design preferences. Tell us your goals and we'd be glad to help share our experiences with you. 


Shake Shack BGC Acrylic Counter Shields

Shake Shack Acrylic Ledge Dividers

Mcdo Acrylic Barrier.jpg

Mcdo Acrylic Shields

Daikin Head Office Conference Room Acrylic Barrier

Portable Acrylic Shields

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